Snapscapes creates

an unparalleled customer experience.

SnapScapes makes it possible to collect images from any customer device and gives you the power to draw and annotate over them with ease.

  • Collect and share images with your customers using any device.

  • Get the most out of the knowledge and skills of your employees by sharing information visually.

  • Customer data is saved for future queries and also used for custom email marketing campaigns.

Ready to improve your customer experitence and retain more valuable customers?


What do I get with SnapScapes?

Collect Images

Collect images from your customer no matter what type of device they are using.

Use Any Device

Really, any device. Android, iOS... even a flip phone or desktop computer!

Annotate Images

Use the SnapScapes app to draw and annotate over the images provided by the customer!

Share it!

You can share your annotations with the customer to help them know what to buy!

Sell More

Customers are more likely to purchase if they better understand the benefits of you products.

Leave Comments

Even if you don't need to draw, you can type comments that stay with an image.

Define Yourself

This isn't a tool for the big box stores. It is designed by a retailer for independent retailers.

Keep Profiles

Customers get a custom account so you can always look back if they have more questions.

More about SnapScapes

a tool for retailers created by a retailer

Our working philosophy

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, SnapScapes is worth a million."

Customers probably already bring pictures into your business already but how do you manage all of these images? They come in in all different kinds of formats, on many different devices, in many sizes... It's a mess. SnapScapes helps you organize your image based customer support and keep in touch with your customers at the same time.

SnapScapes offers you a way to track your customers. That includes their needs, preferences and buying patterns. SnapScapes makes it easier to suggest more purchases from your customers by knowing exactly what they want and need.

Even after they leave you are given the option to send custom tailored emails that ask what they thought of their experience and what items they'd want to buy.


Wait.. How does SnapScapes work again?

Your customers can come to your store and texts or sends you the images from within the store, or you can have them get the images before heading in to see you. It's up to you and the device the customer is using to take the pictures.
Your in store specialists gather details about your customer and an account is created. From there the customer can upload more images and your staff can begin helping the customer with their projects.
Your trained specialists can draw over the images, start from a blank image, or just leave comments for the customers as a reminder of the products you sell. Easy! All of this is saved in the customer account so you can go back later.
Want to get them back in the store? SnapScapes can aggregate the data from your customer accounts and send out custom email marketing that targets customers based on what the products suggested in the app.

Who wins with SnapScapes?

Your customers come to you because you and your staff have skills and knowledge to help them with their diy home and hobby projects. This is one of the reasons they keep coming back.

With SnapScapes, your customers have the opportunity to have all the information you've provided to them over the years right at their fingertips. Furthermore, once they get home to actually start new projects, they feel empowered to start working knowing that their best resource it just a touch away!

Your staff is one of your most valuable resources and we get that. SnapScapes makes your staff more productive in a way that helps them do their job better.

No more sifting through emails trying to find long deleted messages from clients, no more sending customers home with advice that is soon to be forgotten, and say goodbye to scraps of paper with sketches and drawings that just get shuffled around and lost.

SnapScapes helps your staff describe solutions to your customers' problems visually and keeps this information neatly tucked away for later use.

You work hard to get customers in your store. Really hard. Why send them off without giving them an easy way to stay in touch with you? Also, every time a customer leaves your store, what are the odds of them coming back even after working so hard getting them there in the first place?

Because SnapScapes automatically creates accounts with your customers contact information, you are able to follow up with your customers automatically with customized emails. Oh, and by the way, custom emails can create up to 6 times more repeat traffic than generic emails.

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Have a few questions? We've got answers!

What if I don't have an image and I just want to draw a sketch?

That's perfectly fine. If you just want to start out with a blank sheet you can do that. Or if you want to snap a picture of a product in your store you can also do that and save that type of image to the customer's account as well. There's hardly a right or wrong way to use SnapScapes.

How do I upload images with a flip phone or digital camera?

When you sign up for an account with SnapScapes you get a personalized MMS phone number which is your text based Customer Support hotline. When a customer comes to your store, direct them to text you the image and look them up by the phone number they used to send you the image. If they come in with a camera you can upload them to the SnapScapes website by hooking it up to any internet connected device with the SnapScapes App.

Is there a limit on how many interactions I can initiate?

Nope. Go crazy with it. We recommend only one account per customer to help keep everything neat and organized but if you have 100,000 customers, sign them all up!

Is SnapScapes for online retailers too?

Yes! In fact, it's a perfect fit for boutique online retailers because the customer doesn't have a physical store to go to and benefits from a more personal one on one touch.

Will you sell our customer information to other businesses?

Never. Never ever. SnapScapes can be used by other retailers but the information you give your customer at your store stays between you and your customers. Unlike some vendors, we think there are better ways to make a buck than to violate client privacy.

How does SnapScapes track my customers?

Other than what your staff puts into SnapScapes, it doesn't track them at all. SnapScapes believes strongly in customer privacy so whatever you share is between you and them, and that's final.

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